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Indian e-Business Visa 

India is no doubt a country known for its diverse cultures and traditions, but that’s not it. Being one of the largest global economies in terms of GDP, India has huge importance commercially for foreigners as well.

Moreover, India surpasses other nations in terms of digital innovation and competitiveness, something which is of great importance in the modern business world.

And then there’s a huge workforce, as well as a big consumer market, and more such factors that further offer excellent business opportunities. 

As a result, many people visit it for business purposes every year. And for the added convenience, the Government of India has made available e-Business Visas for eligible people.

What Is The Eligibility Criteria To Get an e-Business Visa?

An e-Business Visa for India just like any other type of Visa is essential for a foreigner to enter India, but it is meant particularly for business-related visits. If you have a different purpose such as tourism or medical visits, then there are dedicated Visas for those.

An e-Business Visa is valid for 1 year or 365 days, but the Visa holder (depending on their nationality) can only stay continuously in the country for up to 180 days. But it is a multiple entry Visa, because of which you may enter India several times during the validity period.

To apply for it, you have to be eligible and there are certain rules to follow as well. These include the standard Visa rules, as well as the ones especially meant for an Indian Business Visa.

When Can You Apply For Indian e-Business Visa?

You may apply for an Indian Business Visa if you have a related reason for your visit that involves making profits. This can be a meeting, conference, buying or selling legal goods, delivering a lecture, conducting tours, employing people for your business and so on.

You are also allowed to enter India by a Business Visa if you are a specialist or expert in any commercial project. So as long as the reason for your visit revolves around a business, you can apply for an e-Business Visa for India.

Requirements for Indian Business Visa

Just because you have a suitable purpose does not mean you will be granted an Indian e-Business Visa. You must also possess other supporting documents and submit them to the relevant authorities, and apply for the Visa at least 4-7 days before the date of your flight to India.

The document requirements are mostly similar, which include:

·     Electronic or scanned copy of the first page of the passport for the person visiting. This has to be a standard passport, not any other kind.

·     The passport has to be valid at least for the next 6 months from the date of entry to India.

·     Copy of recent passport-sized photograph of the applicant for the Indian Business Visa.

·     A functional email id

·     A debit or credit card for payment of application fees

·     The applicant may also have to show their return/onward ticket that takes them out of the country.

Now other requirements to obtain an e-Business Visa for India can be an invitation from the relevant business organization in India, a business card, and other relevant details. You may also have to provide the contact and identity details of an Indian reference.

As always an Indian e-Business Visa is paperless, although you must maintain two blank pages on your travel document (passport). This would be needed when you pass through an Immigration Check Post and the officer there stamps it, during entry and exit from India.

As many as 28 airports and 5 seaports have e-Visa Immigration checkpoints in India.

Want To Apply for Indian Business Visa? We Can Help

Well, this was all you needed to know about the Indian business Visa. Now you can apply for it online from our website as long as you’re eligible, by simply filling up the application form and submitting it alongside the other needed documents.

Our helpdesk at India E visa is always available to solve any doubts or queries that you may have when you want to apply for an Indian Business Visa