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Indian e-Tourist Visa

India often ranks at the top spots when people talk about some of the world’s best travel destinations. And why shouldn’t it?

From Agra’s Taj Mahal which ranks among the seven wonders to the forests in Tamil Nadu, India is a diverse land. And thus for the tourists, there’s a good deal of flavours to experience.

If you’ve always wanted to visit India, then applying for the Indian e-Visa online is one of the steps towards a delightful tour.

And with the process being online with no need to visit an Indian embassy physically, it is all the more convenient.

So be it a planned trip or a casual visit to a friend or family’s place, an Indian e-Tourist visa, that you can apply for from the India E Visa website, can make it happen.

Getting An Indian E-Tourist Visa? Know These First

Any e-Visa has the same conditions as a regular Visa, and that is applicable in the case of tourist Visas as well. Therefore, several conditions must be met.

Firstly, it is meant for tourists that only intend to stay in the country for not more than 180 days at a stretch. So the time since your arrival and departure from India should not be more than 180 days. Also, not every country enjoys such a long tenure.

And most importantly, you can only visit the country on an Indian Tourist Visa only for sightseeing, recreational and non-commercial purposes.

If you are at all visiting India for business reasons, then you’d need an e-Business Visa for India.

Now other than recreational purposes or meeting a family member or friend, one can also visit India through an e-Visa for tourists to attend a Yoga programme.

Also, voluntary work that doesn’t exceed 1 month or any course (lasting less than 6 months) that doesn’t involve a diploma or degree certificate is included here.

These are some of the conditions that are to be fulfilled when applying for an Indian e-Tourist Visa. However, to be eligible for an e-Tourist visa, you have to conform to the ones specifically mentioned for it, as well as the other general criteria of a usual Visa.

Types of e-Visa for Tourists Visiting India

1 month or 30-day Tourist e-Visa

This kind of Indian e-Tourist Visa allows the eligible person to stay in India at a stretch for up to one month but is not convertible or extendible. It is a double-entry visa, which means you can visit the country up to two times within 30 days.

Now the 30-day Indian Tourist Visa comes with an expiry date, which does not indicate its validity. Instead, it is the last date within which you are to enter India, not leave it.

The real validity is calculated 30 days from the day you enter India.

1 Year Tourist e-Visa

A 1 year Indian Tourist Visa has a validity of 355 days and is a multiple entry Visa. Meaning that you can enter India multiple times within the validity of this e-Visa.

Now unlike the 30-day e-Visa, the validity for this kind of e-Visa is calculated not from the day of entry in India, but rather from the date of its issue.

5 Year Tourist e-Visa

Finally, a five-year e-Tourist Visa for India has a validity of 5 years from the day it is issued. And this too is a multiple entry Visa.

Other Requirements For Indian E-Tourist Visa

While the special grounds for eligibility for an e-Tourist Visa have already been mentioned, there are some general rules as well. These are:

·      Electronic or scanned copy of the first page of the passport for the person visiting. This has to be a standard passport, not any other kind.

·      The passport has to be valid at least for the next 6 months from the date of entry to India.

·      Copy of recent passport-sized photograph

·      A functional email id

·      A debit or credit card for payment of application fees for the Indian Tourist Visa.

·      The applicant may also have to show proof that he/she possesses enough money to fund their trip and their return/onward ticket that takes them out of the country.

An e-Visa does not require you to visit the Indian embassy for stamping, however, make sure you have two blank pages on your passport for stamping at the Airport.

As it is for any other Visa, if you are to enter India through an e-Tourist Visa, you must pass through an e-Visa Immigration check post while entering and leaving the country. These are present in 28 airports and 5 seaports. 

Apply For an Indian e-Visa Today!

Now that you have an idea about the kind of documents you need, as well as the rules related to an Indian Tourist Visa, why wait any longer? Apply for your e-Visa today through the e-Visa application form available on our website.

The application form and the process itself are fairly simple, and as long as you fulfil all the eligibility criteria, you should face no complexities.

If you do require any assistance, you may contact our helpdesk.