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About us

This (indiaevisa.in) is a private website offering our users online application services which include assistance with their application for Electronic Travel Authorization for travel to India. Applying for the Indian e-Visa through our website simplifies the process and makes it easy for the applicants. This is because our agents help the users applying for the Indian e-Visa fill out their application forms, review their answers, translate information for them if necessary, and check everything for accuracy, completeness, and grammar and spelling errors. If any additional information is required from the client we make sure to contact them directly. After the applicant has finished filling their application form, an immigration expert reviews it in its entirety before it is finally submitted to the Government of India for approval. The final result of the application, whether it is granted or not, is decided entirely by the Government of India, but using our expertise while filling your application form ensures that your application is error-free which is important if you want the best result. In most cases it won’t take more than 48 hours for the applications to be processed and granted unless some information has been left out or not entered correctly, in which case the application might be delayed. In any case, we will follow up on all applications and keep the client informed. Once the Government of India approves the application for Indian e-Visa, the client will receive the same through email as well as more information on it and tips to use it. We are based in Australia and Oceania and our agents can assist applicants with their Visa applications anytime and anywhere. Our website is private and in no way affiliated with the Government of India. Applying through our website instead of the Indian Government’s website for the e-Visa has the added advantage of getting assistance and guidance on your application and getting it reviewed by our team of experts. We charge a small fee for our services. In case you have any questions or doubts, you can contact our helpdesk.

Our fees

Type of e-VisaTotal fees (including translation and review)
Tourist 30 day$99
Tourist 1 year$198
Tourist 5 years$298
Medical Attendant$198

The eVisa application process

Applying for the Indian e-Visa, whether it is the Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, Medical e-Visa, or Medical Attendant e-Visa, users would find the process extremely simple on our user-friendly platform. We also care about our clients’ safety and privacy and thus use only the latest, most reliable technology so that the entire application process, including the payment, is safe.

The Services We Provide As Compared to Embassy

Can apply online 24/7 365 days a year.
No time limit.
Before the application is submitted to the Ministry of Home Affairs of India, Visa experts review and correct it.
Simplified application process.
Correction of missing or incorrect information.
Guarantee of privacy and safety throughout the process.
Verification of additional required information.
24/7 Support and Assistance.
Approved Indian Electronic Visa sent to applicant via email in PDF format.
Email Recovery of e-Visa in case it has been lost by the applicant.
Refund if e-Visa is denied.
No additional Bank transaction charges of 2.5%.