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Goa is one of the most popular travel destinations in India that combines a lot of things that can make for a dream vacation.

Beaches, adventure sports, parties, festivals and more – unless you visit the place you’ll never know how exciting it can be. And even though this is the smallest state of India by area, you’ll expect the amount of fun it packs.

So one shouldn’t be surprised when foreigners on an Indian e-Visa are allured to Goa and all that it has to offer.  There they seem to find a blend of cultures like no other, something that not every tourist destination can provide.

So if you’re applying for an Indian e-Tourist Visa or have some other work in Goa, then here is a little info on how you can make your stay here the most pleasant.

History of Goa

Present Goa is nothing that it used to be, and it has a long history filled with significant events. One may know it as a Portuguese colony for about 450 years, and while that is a lengthy period, there have been others that have ruled over it too.

Some rock carvings here date back to the palaeolithic and mesolithic periods, and these indicate the earliest settlements in India. Scientific studies and research on many engravings found here have proven that prehistoric shamanistic practices were carried out here once.

Goa has seen various rulers over the years, that include the Mauryas, the Bhojas, the Satavahanas and so on. And then there were Muslim annexations that initiated the Bahmani and Bijapur Sultanates.

Then came the Portuguese, who probably had the most lasting effect on Goa’s culture. And these effects are profound even today, as hints of Portuguese elements can be found in buildings, and cuisines and a small portion of Goa’s population communicate in Portuguese even today.

Now you may wonder whether the visitors with an Indian e-Tourist Visa only visit here for a history lesson. But rest assured, Goa is known for more than just that.

How to Reach Goa?

Goa is located on the southwestern coast of India, with the Arabian Sea on one side, and neighbouring states Maharashtra and Karnataka on the other.

Depending on where you arrive in India and enter through your Indian e-Visa, there are various ways for you to reach Goa. There are flights, trains, good road connectivity and the option to travel via sea from the major states in India.

The Dabolim airport lies at a distance of 26 Km from Panaji, Goa’s capital city. Flights from other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and so on land here.

To travel via road, there are NH 17 and NH 4, which connect Mangalore and Mumbai, Bangalore with Goa. Hired vehicles and buses are both available.

Although Goa has two main railway stations, Vasco Da Gama and Madgaon, if you do decide to travel via rail there are various options for you. Book tickets to Goa from the connected states, and you’re up for an amazing train journey.

And among the less popular ways to reach Goa is via a cruise from Mumbai. Now Goa has one of the seaports that supports Indian e-Visa, so you can board a cruise from your nation and directly land here as well.

What Is Goa Famous For?

Exquisite Cuisines

The food menu that you’d find in the various restaurants of Goa is some of the most unique.

There is an exhaustive number of Indian and Portuguese recipes, mostly dominated by seafood options, with the local spices adding flavours you may not have experienced before.

Amazing Architecture

Goa’s architecture is a reminiscence of the once rich Portuguese presence there. Although, the style of buildings here is a combination of the Goan, Ottoman and Portuguese architecture.

Some major buildings here are the Fort Aguada, Se Cathedral, Fort Tiracol, Basilica of Bom Jesus and so on. Take a visit to these to utilize your Indian e-Tourist Visa to its full potential. 

Lively Nightlife

Goa has got several nightclubs where tourists can visit and celebrate the nightlife by dancing, drinking and enjoying in more such ways while party music keeps banging in the background.

Sea Beaches and Watersports

Last but not least are the lovely beaches in Goa and the various water sports available for tourists such as yourself who visit India with an Indian e-Visa.

Spend a day on the beach simply by lazily basking in the sun, or take part in breathtaking activities such as snorkelling, parasailing, etc.

Applying for an Indian e-Visa? Don’t Forget to Include Goa in Your Itinerary

The Indian e-Tourist Visa especially allows travellers to take part in the joy that places like Goa have to offer. For more information on Indian e-Visa, browse our website or contact us directly.