Urgent E-visa from India | Emergency E-visa from India
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How to Apply for an Urgent E-visa from India

Emergency E-visa from India

How to Apply for an Urgent E-visa from India


Indian e-Visa Strategy, What Are the Preparations in Advance? Here are 5 you must know.


Types of Regular Visa:

  • Tourist E-Visa
  • Medical E-Visa
  • Medical Attantence E- Visa
  • Business E-Visa

The Government of India has launched an online e-Visa as long as you are going to India for tourism, business and medical visits, conferences… and other needs, you can apply for eVisa India online, and the Indian e-Visa is a reliable and safe way to enter India, but the traditional paper visa is not regarded as trustworthy by the Indian government, therefore, there are 5 key points in the Indian e-Visa strategy that must be known in advance, let the Indian travel store share it with you.

What are the key points of the Indian e-visa strategy?

1. Prepare all the basic information first

English translation of Chinese address: Check the translation of home address and business address in advance.Name from Chinese to English: Check the English translation of your parents, your spouse, and your company name.

2. The name and address of the liaison office should be prepared in advance

Check the name of the Indian travel agency, the address of the Indian travel agency, the address of the hotel in India, the contact information of the contact person in India, and the contact information of the contact person in Taiwan.

3. Specifications of the Indian e-Visa photo

  • File format: JPG or JPEG file.
  • File size: 10KB-300KB.
  • Photo size: 5*5 cm.

The photo must be within 6 months of color with a white background, and cannot be the same as the photo on the passport.Do not wear military uniforms, bachelor’s gowns, white shirts, or hats to cover your hair, and do not wear tinted glasses unless for medical reasons. It is not recommended to show teeth, just smile.If the uploaded photo is not clear or does not meet the specifications, the e-Visa application is likely to fail.

4. Indian e-Visa passport page specifications

File format: PDF file, and the file name needs to be in English (if the file is a JPG or JPEG file, you can put it into Word and then import it into a PDF file).

File size: 10KB-300KB.

The photo page of the passport, containing the personal information uploaded by the applicant, such as name, date of birth, nationality, expiration date, etc., and the signature page at the top is optional.The passport must be valid for at least 6 months and must have at least 2 blank pages.

5. Proceed with the steps of the Indian e-Visa application

After preparing the above information, you can set off to the “Indian e-Visa Application Page”, and for more detailed website operation instructions, you can refer to the sharing of “Indian e-Visa Application 2023, Taking You Step by Step to Apply for Indian e-Visa”.

Through the above-detailed steps, to help you in the application process smoothly, if you still feel troublesome, you can join our India travel itinerary, because we are an Indian travel store, in addition to having a wealth of background knowledge, but also have many experienced tour leaders, Indian local resources, take you to enjoy a good trip to India, now private message to learn about the relevant details.

What are your Required documents for your Indian Visa?

  • Correctly completed application form with genuine information.
  • Valid passport (valid for the next six months).
  • Two passport-sized photos.
  • Medical reports.
  • Proof of your citizenship.
  • Letter from parents/legal guardians in the case of minors.
  • Copy of the previous visa (if any).
  • Make sure the documents you present are valid and genuine; Otherwise, there may be serious consequences.

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