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How to Get India Visa

How to Get India Visa

How to Get India Visa

To apply for a tourist visa online (e-Tourist), you must have a passport with a minimum validity of 6 months before entering the country. In other words, this means that once you enter the country, the passport must have at least 6 months before it expires for a valid date. If this is not the case, then you must apply for a new passport before applying for an Indian e visa. This passport must be in perfect condition when you arrive in India. If the passport is damaged in any way, then it can cause problems with customs officials who may refuse entry.

You will also need a recent personal passport size photograph, taken from the front, without sunglasses, necklaces, or any garment that prevents correct identification of your personal photo. If possible, this photo should be with a plain white background.
And finally, you must fill in a long but straightforward fill form, where you must correctly indicate your details fill out the form, and answer the relevant questions.
Once all of these procedures have been completed form, the reply or acceptance for your visa will be sent via email.

Which Type of e-Visa Do You Need For Your Visit To India?

If your purpose of the visit is purely recreational or tourism, then you need the Indian e-Tourist Visa.
If you have business-related purposes in India, then you require an Indian e-Business Visa.
If you’re looking for medical treatment/therapy in India, you must apply for an Indian e-Medical Visa.
For those that are willing to act as attendants to a near one getting medical treatment in India, there is the Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa.

Indian e-Tourist Visa

The e-Tourist Visa allows a person to gain authorized entry to India for the following:

1. Sightseeing and tourism
2. Visit a friend or relative’s place in the country
3. Short-term Yoga course

The Indian e-Tourist Visa is of three types:

30-day e-Tourist Visa which is a Double entry visa
1-year e-Tourist Visa which is a Multiple entry visa
5-year e-Tourist Visa which is also a Multiple entry visa

When applying for any of the Indian e-Tourist Visa, know that you won’t be allowed to stay in India for more than 180 days.

Apply For the Indian e-Visa Today

Our website allows you to apply for the Indian Visa online, following which you would receive the e-Visa on your email id once the payment is made and the application is approved.

You can consider our help desk for any queries or updates regarding your e-Visa application. We also provide the necessary updates and news about India Visa from time to time.

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