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India eVisa For US Citizen

United States citizens are eligible for an online Indian Visa (eVisa India) since the year 2014. First, it used to be a paper based process. Now USA Citizens can apply for Indian Visa from home, using mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC without ever visiting Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission. This simple, revolutionary and streamlined process is available on this Online website.

This is the shortest, quickest, easiest and most reliable method of applying for an Indian Visa by 155 counties including US Citizen. The Government of India allow entry of United States citizens in India for the purposes of Tourism, Sight Seeing, Recreation, Business purposes, Hiring Manpower, Industrial Set Up, Business and Technical Meetings, setting up Industry, attending conference and for their seminars. This electronic India Visa online (eVisa India) facility for the United States citizens is available at Indian Visa Application Form. USA citizens can check their Indian Visa eligibility requirements for Indian Visa here.

US citizens can apply for Indian eVisa if the duration of the trip to India is for less than 180 days. Electronic Indian Visa is available for up to 5 Years of multiple entry. Payment can be made in any of the 135 currencies of the world.

What is the Indian Visa Application Process for United States of American Citizens?

Citizens of USA need to complete the following steps to get the Indian eVisa:

  • Step A: Complete simple Indian Visa Application Form, (Estimate time to complete 2-3 minutes).
  • Step B: Use any payment method to complete payment process against your purpose of visit visa accordingly.
  • Step C: We send a link to your registered email address to provide additional information, depending on the purpose of your visit and duration of Indian Visa.
  • Step D: You received an approved electronic Indian Visa online (eVisa India) in your email address. Take a print and keep along with at the time of visit india.
  • Step E: Now you can visit India in this duration of time (Evisa).

Note that you do not need to visit Indian embassy at any step of the process.

Do the United States citizens need to visit CKGS?

No, there is no need for the USA citizens to visit CKGS, Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission or any other offices of the Government of India. This process to be completed online. You can complete the process of online visa here.
That is an old process and not as streamlined. Also, there is no need to visit Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission.

Do United States citizens need to upload face photograph or passport scan copy as a part of India Visa Application Form?

At the time of filling form it will ask you to upload the Headshot Image and Passport copy. Note that you need to follow the guidelines of face photograph as required by the Government of India. You should have your full face frontal view showing in the photograph. Your face photograph should be without a hat or sun glasses. There should be clear background and no shadows. Try to have the photo with minimum 350 pixels or 2 inches in size. If you have any questions or issues, please contact our Help Desk through the contact us form on this website.

Passport scan copy for Indian Visa likewise should also be in clear light. It should not have flash on the passport making passport numbers, passport expiry date non legible to read. Also, you should have all 4 corners of the passport clearly showing including the 2 strips at the bottom of the passport. Indian Visa passport requirements and specification are details here for further guidance.

Do the United States citizens need courier any documents for getting Indian Visa?

No, after the application has been filed online, you will be requested to make a payment.

You do not need to post, courier, physically send them to any office or PO Box. These scan copies or photos taken from your mobile phone can be uploaded thru online form. You need to wait for the verification of payment and arrival of email from us requesting for additional information.

If there are any problems in uploading the document, then you can also email the documents to us using the Contact Us form on this website.

Can United States citizens come on Business trip to India using the eVisa India?

Yes, electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India) can be used by the United States’ resident for business trips of commercial nature. The only additional requirement of the Government of India for United States business travellers is that you provide either an email signature or business card, with your name and phone number. For more details click here for eBusiness Visa .

Can United Stated citizens use eVisa India for Medical Treatment to India, are there any special requirements in India Visa Application Form?

Yes, if you coming for a Medical Visa then you will be requested to provide a letter from the hospital which contains a few details like the medical procedure, date and duration of your stay. United States citizens can also bring medical attendant or family members for your assistance. This side visa for main medical patient is called a Medical Attendant Visa.

How long does it take for Visa outcome to be decided for USA citizens?

After completed your Indian Visa Application Form, USA citizens can expect 3-4 business days. In some cases, however, it could take up to 7 business day.

Is there anything I need to do after submitting Indian Visa Application form?

If there is anything that is required from your side, our Help Desk team will contact. If there is any further information required by the Immigration Officers of the Government of India, then our help desk team will get in touch with you by email in the first instance.

Is there any other limitation that United States citizens need to be aware of?

There are a few limitations of the eVisa India (electronic Indian Visa).
Indian Visa delivered electronically (eVisa India) is only for a maximum visit of 180 days, if there is a need to enter India for a longer duration, then you should apply for some other Visa.
Indian Visa delivered electronically (eVisa India) is allowed entry from 29 authorised airport and 5 seaports as mentioned in Indian Visa Authorised Entry Ports. If you are intending to come to Indian by train from Dhaka or Road, then eVisa India is not the right type of Visa to India for you.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizensAustralian citizensGerman citizens and French citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Note:- Please apply for an India Visa 4-5 days in advance of your flight.

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