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Indian e-Visa Photograph Requirements

Indian e-Visa Photo Requirements

This is where you can know all about the photograph requirements when you apply for Indian Visa online.

One may obtain the Indian e-Visa quite easily as it involves no paperwork or physical visits to the embassy. As long as you are eligible for the kind of Visa you are applying for, and finish up paying the application fees for it, you’d get your e-Visa on your registered email id.

Now, this is about the e-Visa photograph requirements which is a must in the application. And unless you follow the rules regarding the photograph, there are high chances of delay in approval, or your India e-Visa application form might even get rejected.

But no worries. Give this post a read and all your doubts would be made clear. As always, you may contact us directly at India E visa for further queries.

How To Click The Right Photograph As Per The Indian Visa Photo Requirments?

The applicants willing to obtain an Indian e-Visa can simply click a photo of their face and upload it, in the passport size of course. Unlike in the offline method, one doesn’t need a professional photographer and even a photo clicked from a phone can meet the Indian Visa photo requirements.

Now the emphasis here is that the applicant must use a recently clicked photo, and taking a photo or scanning the picture on their passport won’t do the job.

What Are The Indian Visa Photo Requirements?

The Indian visa photo requirements are the same for all kinds of e-Visas. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you want to apply for an e-Tourist Visa or an e-Medical Visa, the following are the general steps that are to be followed.

  • Only a passport-style photo is allowed.
  • The photo has to be clear and not blurry and the visitor should be identifiable in it. The photo should cover the entirety of their face and its features, hair, and any marks on the skin should also be visible in the photo. 
  • The applicant may wear a turban, headscarf, Hijab, burqua, or any such headcover for a religious reason. However, it should not hide their face, chin, and hairline.
  • The visitor should be easily identifiable from the photo by the Immigration Officer on the border through which they would pass.
  • The passport-style photo needs to be at least 350 pixels by 350 pixels in height and width. The applicant’s face has to be in the middle of the frame, covering 50-60% area in the photo.
  • Features such as ears, neck, and shoulders should also be visible, but head coverings worn for religious reasons are an exception.
  • The default size of an India Visa passport photo is 1 Mb or 1 Megabyte. So make sure that the photo of your face uploaded on the Indian Visa application is not more than 1 Mb.
  • You can check the size of your photo to make sure it meets the India Visa passport photo size required by the Visa application on your PC. Simply right-click on the picture, click on Properties, and from there you can check the photo size under the “General tab”.
  • Any accessories such as hats or sunshades are not allowed in the photo. You may wear your regular glasses or spectacles in the Indian Visa application photo, but it is better to upload a photo without them.
  • This so to ensure that there is no reflection in the photo or the flash from the camera device does not conceal your eyes or other facial features.
  • Or else,  you may have to re-upload the photo and there is also a possibility that the Immigration Officers might reject it.
  • So if you do decide to wear your glasses or spectacles, make sure your eyes are completely visible in the photograph.
  • The photograph of your face should be clicked in the Portrait mode rather than in the Landscape mode. Also, the photo should have uniform lighting and dark shadows and such must not be present.
  • The colour of the photograph should be kept normal and any coloured tones, filters or editing software on the photo are not allowed.
  • Wear simple and light coloured clothing when clicking the photo for your e-Visa application. Also, make sure that the background in the photo is simple.
  • The photo should only have your face as the majority of it, and no one else should be present in it.
  • The photo should show a frontal view of your face, not the side or profile view. Keep your eyes completely open in the photo, not even half shut, and your mouth closed. All features of your face, as mentioned already should be completely visible, and you must keep your hair tucked back.
  • You can upload the photograph in JPG, PNG, or PDF format.


Clicking and Uploading the Correct Photo Is An Important Step in The e-Visa Application Process

The e-Visa photo requirements are as straightforward as the rest of the process, and should not be very difficult for an applicant to comprehend. If you’d like to know more about the India Visa Document requirements or have any other questions, our help desk is ready to help.

Or you can just fast forward to the India visa application form available on our website.