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Kerala thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram

Kerala, or God’s Own Country as it is often referred to, is the 21st largest Indian State, situated on the country’s Malabar coast. It is the southernmost state in India and is a beautiful place that tourists travelling on Indian e-Visa would like to visit.

Now green scenery or beaches are a common scene, but the kind of blend one finds in Kerala is like no other. Alongside the scenery and biodiversity, it is not only the cleanest state in India but also has the highest literacy rate.

And these are only a few of all the facts that can amaze you.

Be it a tourist travelling on Indian e-Tourist Visa or a businessman that seeks some time away from their work while being in Kerala, the state truly has some majestic stuff to offer.

History of Kerala

Kerala’s history has a significant mention of the mythological axe-wielding sage, Parashurama. Legend says that he recovered the land of Kerala from the sea, by throwing his axe across it and the seawater receded as far as it went.

There are other legends associated with Kerala other than this one as well, and alongside it are several historical accounts.

For example, it was initially known as Kerelaputo, in one of the 3rd Century BCE rock inscriptions by the emperor Ashoka. At the time when the British arrived in India, it was generally referred to as Malabar.

Throughout its history, Kerala has had more such names. A prominent one is the land of spices, the reason behind it being the fact that the state produces a humongous amount of spices.

It has been doing so for a few thousand years now, which is the reason why ancient traders and explorers had such interest in it. And the same goes for both the Indian nationals and travellers on Indian e-Visa that visit it.

Modern Kerala was formed in 1956, when the 4 Malayalam speaking regions Cochin, Malabar, South Canara and Travancore were combined. 

How To Reach Kerala?

While the location of Kerala may sound alarming, tourists travelling on Indian e-Visa should face no difficulty reaching it. This is because there are extensive transportation options available from the nearby states, while it is also joined with the rest of India one way or the other.

Kerala has got 3 international airports and a domestic airport. Depending on your preference, you can enter Kerala directly with your Indian e-Visa, or use the domestic flights.

Other than that, there are 8 major railway stations as well, so you may also take a train and reach Kerala, though it won’t be as quick as air travel.

And if you’d like to enjoy the most of the visual treats that the state has to offer, then you may want to travel to Kerala via road. Just like the other popular destinations in India, the roads connecting Kerala to other states are well maintained.

Also, you get the option of both public and private transportation.

Top Attractions in Kerala


Allepey is largely famous for its backwaters or brackish canals, and the houseboat rides. These canals run through half of Kerala, and when you rent the right houseboat, you enjoy splendid scenery that also includes churches and temples, as well as comfortable accommodations.


Kochi or Cochin, a port city attracts numerous tourists with an Indian e-Tourist Visa to itself each year. While it is very much a modern city, there is no shortage of vintage buildings, mentions of British history and so on.

And of course, we would suggest you do not fail to witness the fish catching practices using the Chinese nets.


Munnar is a famous hill station in Kerala, that stands 1600 m above sea level. With tea plantations, forests and such exquisite elements, it offers the best of the Western Ghats.

Munnar is one of those places which you’d love irrespective of the season.


Wayanad is yet another popular hill station in Kerala that offers quite a few things to its visitors. For example, people visit there for its rich wildlife and birds, spice plantations, waterfalls and to take part in trekking and other such activities, etc.


Visiting Kerala and not going to its capital city Thiruvananthapuram is a folly that no Indian e-Visa holder should make. It is one of the major tourist hotspots that offer special architectural elements such as temples, churches, palaces and so on.

And with these are the various wildlife spots, lakes, observatories etc.

Get A Taste of Delicacies of Kerala And Other states in India Through Your Indian e-Visa

Getting an Indian e-Visa not only allows you to fulfil any specific purpose you may have in India but also ensures you experience the various tastes and flavours that it has to offer.

Kerala is just one of the many popular places that are flocked by tourists travelling on Indian e-Tourist Visas. Know more about the best places to visit in India on our website.